WATCH: Icy Moment Between Badosa & Tsitsipas' Father Steals Spotlight At Wimbledon

WATCH: Icy Moment Between Badosa & Tsitsipas' Father Steals Spotlight At Wimbledon

by Zachary Wimer

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Paula Badosa and Apostolos Tsitsipas had a really icy moment at the 2023 Wimbledon while watching Stefanos Tsitsipas play.

The fifth-seeded Greek was battling it out on the Centre Court at Wimbledon against Andy Murray. The two battled for hours, but the match had to be eventually stopped and postponed due to a Wimbledon curfew.

The clash, which was already taut with tension due to its high stakes, took an unexpected turn when the cameras captured an icy stare exchanged between Paula Badosa, Tsitsipas's girlfriend, and his father Apostolos. This encounter overshadowed the thrilling on-court action, providing fodder for Wimbledon gossip circles.

Tsitsipas's partner, Paula Badosa, was seen shooting an intense, lingering glare at Apostolos, Tsitsipas's father, and coach. Apostolos had just turned around to glance at Badosa in between points when the frosty moment was caught on camera.

Badosa, who is the highest-ranked Spanish player on the WTA Tour, seemed less than impressed with Apostolos. Rather than a brief, innocuous glance, the Spanish star held her stare, her eyes revealing a potent mix of emotion. This chilling moment, stark against the warm Wimbledon backdrop, was soon a point of intense speculation among fans.

Badosa's reaction clearly revealed a palpable tension that went beyond the stress of watching her partner's gripping match. With Tsitsipas wrestling with Murray on court, the momentary confrontation between Badosa and Apostolos marked a significant shift in the atmosphere.

It will be interesting to witness how the two fare in the mixed doubles as it's very probable that Apostolos will be in their box for those matches, and Badosa will have to listen to his advices while he will be advising his son.

On Friday, both Badosa and Tsitsipas will return to the court for their singles matches. While the Spaniard will play her second-round match against former best friend Marta Kostyuk, the Greek will continue his match against Andy Murray.


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