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Founded in April 2022, Tennis Infinity started with a passion to deliver very high-quality tennis news to all the readers with a growing interest in the infinity of tennis news.

We cover everything from the ATP & WTA worlds, including all your favorite players such as Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Emma Raducanu, Roger Federer, Coco Gauff, Carlos Alcaraz, Naomi Osaka, Iga Swiatek, and many more.

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Where Can You Find Us?

Tennis Infinity delivers news to its readers via multiple channels as we believe that it's important to be able to have anything you want to know about your favorite sport within one click.

You can see an overview of our platforms here:

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Meet Our Current Team:

Name Position Contact About
Erik Virostko Editor-in-Chief erik@tennis-infinity.com Erik is our spirited editor-in-chief behind our daily dose of fresh tennis content. In his 20s, Erik brings a youthful energy to the tennis world, perfectly aligning with his admiration for the new wave of players like Carlos Alcaraz and Coco Gauff. His role is pivotal in ensuring that fans are always connected to the latest happenings in tennis.
Zachary Wimer Writer zachary@tennis-infinity.com Zachary is a valuable contributor to our team, even though his pieces are occasional but always impactful. A tennis fan since his early childhood, Zachary's long-standing connection with the sport adds depth and nostalgia to his writing. His articles, though infrequent, are cherished for their perspective. Zachary's role, while not constant, is integral in bringing a unique voice to our coverage.
Alex Waite Writer alex@tennis-infinity.com Alex is a young freelance writer from the United Kingdom, and he spends his time covering various different sports, mostly football and tennis. His contributions are very important, and he offers a fresh perspective to the articles that he creates.
Nurein Ahmed Writer nurein@tennis-infinity.com Nurein is one of our latest additions to our team of writers, and he's known for his punctuality and well-researched articles. He comes from Kenya, and he's a big tennis fan who enjoys writing any story. Nurein is a very valuable and vital part of the Tennis Infinity team.
Jordan Reynolds Writer jordan@tennis-infinity.com Jordan is one of the writers who joined our team after the 2023 season, and he's a passionate tennis writer from Ireland.

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