Davis Cup

The Davis Cup is an annual tennis team competition, in which over 150 countries compete in different venues to win the prestigious trophy.

Date: 21 - 26 November (Finals)
Category: Davis Cup
Surface: Hard
Location: Malaga, Spain
Venue: Martin Carpena
Players: 8 countries (ATP Entry List)
Prize Money: TBA (Distribution Overview)
Points: None
Draw: Draw
Official website: https://www.daviscup.com/en/home.aspx

The Davis Cup is often called the "World Cup of Tennis," and it also has a women's equivalent, which was previously called the Fed Cup but is now known as the Billie Jean King Cup. Dwight F. Davis is recognized as the Davis Cup's founder.

The competition was first held in 1900, and the first three editions were held with only the United States and the United Kingdom competing before the competition expanded in 1904 to more countries.

Since then, over 150 have competed in the competition, which is divided into multiple tiers, with the teams in the final tier currently competing for their spot in the Davis Cup Final 8, in which the best eight countries compete.

In the past, the Davis Cup was known for a unique atmosphere, since countries competed in their home arenas in a best-of-five format, and the Davis Cup atmosphere was often considered to be one of the best atmospheres in tennis.

However, in 2019, the format of the competition changed, and now, the top tier ties are always held in the same city for multiple countries, with the Final 8 being held at the same venue, losing the competition's previous uniqueness, which many fans demand back.

The most successful countries in the Davis Cup history are the United States and Australia, who have both won over 25 times, with France and the United Kingdom both winning ten titles.

The Davis Cup is organized by the International Tennis Federation, but it was run by Kosmos between 2018 and 2023, in a period when the new format, which is not popular among the fans, was introduced.

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