Behind the Scenes: Gauff reveals reasons behind her dad's absence in Doha

Behind the Scenes: Gauff reveals reasons behind her dad's absence in Doha

by Balasz Virag

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Coco Gauff is not just an exceptional tennis player, but she is also a loving daughter and a responsible sister.

Her recent interview revealed that her father's absence at the 2023 Qatar Open was a tough decision that was made for the well-being of her family. Coco Gauff, who is known for her impressive performances on the court, has always credited her family for her success.

However, during the recent Qatar Open, where the young American lost in the quarterfinals to Veronika Kudermetova, her father was absent. When asked about it, Coco explained that her dad made the difficult decision not to travel with her to Doha. According to Coco, her dad is more knowledgeable about football, baseball, and basketball than tennis.

With two younger brothers at home and one of them entering high school, her father needed to be present for them during this crucial time in their lives. Coco also acknowledged that her dad's constant traveling was taking a toll on the entire family.

"Yeah, so last week my dad didn't come to Doha with me. It was a decision, like, that I've...I think he was always scared to kind of say it, but it's something I push more on him. I have two younger brothers at home. I would say my dad definitely, I mean, naturally he understands football and baseball and basketball, those sports, more than tennis."

In a heartwarming message, Coco emphasized the importance of family and how crucial it is to support each other's dreams. She hopes that her story will inspire other young athletes to prioritize their family and make the necessary sacrifices for their loved ones.

"I definitely say they need him now at this time in their life. Now that I'm getting older, I have Diego helping me, I kind of say you don't have to be here every week. It was taking a toll on the whole family in general. I'm thankful my brothers, I never felt that pressure, they know why my dad can't be there."

Despite the difficulties, Coco's dad decided to travel with her to the next tournament, while her mom stayed despite initially planning to return to the US, as she wanted to explore Dubai. Coco also expressed gratitude for her younger brothers, who understand why their dad can't be with her at every tournament.

"He decided to come this week. My mom was actually going to go back. She decided she wanted to see Dubai, so she stayed. There will definitely be more tradeoffs happening this year. Also since my brother is entering high school, he needs, like, a dad figure. Every son needs their dad."


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