"Djokovic has the best opportunity he's ever had to win Calendar Slam" according to Woodbridge

"Djokovic has the best opportunity he's ever had to win Calendar Slam" according to Woodbridge

by Balasz Virag

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Novak Djokovic's recent victory at the Australian Open has many tennis enthusiasts buzzing with excitement as he has a chance to complete a Calendar Grand Slam again.

Todd Woodbridge, a former professional tennis player and one of Australia's most successful doubles players, is among those who believe that Djokovic has a unique opportunity to make history, that he just missed out on in 2021.

During the recent AO Show Podcast, Woodbridge shared his thoughts on Djokovic's 2023 season, stating that he believes Djokovic has the best chance he's ever had to win the coveted Calendar Grand Slam. According to Woodbridge, Djokovic's dominance at the Australian Open and his mental strength make him a strong contender to win all four Grand Slam titles this year.

"I think that Novak Djokovic has the best opportunity he's ever had to win the [Calendar] Grand Slam. I think all four Majors are on the table for him this year. I believe that, that is the absolute goal for him this season. I think he's going to look at his schedule. He's going to orchestrate it so that he is at peak performance in all four Majors."

Woodbridge's confidence in Djokovic's ability to win all four Grand Slams this year is not without precedent. Djokovic has already won a total of 22 Grand Slam titles, tied with Rafael Nadal, for the most in men's singles history. If he were to win all four Grand Slams in a single calendar year, he would become only the second man in the Open Era to achieve this feat (after Rod Laver in 1969).

"I just think the stars might be aligning for him given everything that's unfolded over the last few years. He was just so far above anybody else on the men's side at the Australian Open. I haven't seen that gap so wide in my time."

Woodbridge's assessment is based on more than just Djokovic's recent victory. He points out that Djokovic has been coping with an immense amount of stress and anxiety over the last few years, which has allowed him to develop a level of mental resilience that is unmatched by his competitors.

"I actually would [pick him to win the Calendar Grand Slam this year than anytime before in his career] and the reason for that I think that mentally, he's learned to cope with an amazing amount of stress, anxiety, the things that have been thrown at him."


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