Coco Gauff backed to become next great American player

Coco Gauff backed to become next great American player

by Kadir Macar

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Noted tennis coach Brad Gilbert whose former proteges include the likes of Andre Agassi is certain Coco Gauff can become the next great American player.

Gilbert didn't share anything groundbreaking as her tennis talent was apparent from the moment she stepped onto the court. As a 16-year old Gauff made waves at Wimbledon and since then people have followed her journey.

It's been a steady one but still lacking the biggest trophy - a grand slam. She played in one final so far but failed to beat Iga Swiatek which is pretty hard to do to be completely fair.

She (Coco Gauff) has a world of talent and a great opportunity in the next 2-3 years to become the next great American player. But there's no given that it's just going to happen.

Gilbert on Gauff

Getting to the highest level will take a lot of work and dedication. She doesn't lack the will to practice nor the dedication needed to gain any advantage in the sport. Recently she revealed that she watches tapes of her opponent's previous matches at the event to get a better feeling of what might be looming and what kind of match it could be.

Yeah, a lot of times I do that (watch video footage). Except if I have played the person fairly recently, usually I have already watched the match that I have played them in, so I don't really see the point of watching it again.

Gauff on preparing for matches with film

One thing that she'll need to fix is the forehand which is a glaring weakness right now, especially in modern tennis where so much of the game is based upon it. The moment she finally develops it into a consistent and reliable weapon will be the time she truly takes off.

Currently, the young American competes at the 2023 Indian Wells, where she will compete against fellow teenager Linda Noskova in the second round. Before the event started, Gauff showed that she's not afraid of anyone, claiming that even world no. 1 Iga Swiatek is only a tennis player.



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