"My foundation" - Federer to dedicate most of his time to charity work

"My foundation" - Federer to dedicate most of his time to charity work

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Roger Federer has his priorities set professionally as he is set to dedicate a lot of his time to his foundation and charitable work.

Roger Federer has been doing excellent work through his Roger Federer Foundation and they recently released their 2022 report summarising their work in the past year. There were some comments by the man himself as he explained that he will dedicate quite a bit of time to those activities.

While I understand the concerns about adjusting to this new pace, I can assure you that I am doing well and relishing this new chapter in my life, I have been keeping very busy with getting my body healed and working on existing and new projects. It goes without saying that my foundation will be at the forefront of my priorities.

Federer in the letter

2023 is a big year for Federer and the Foundation because ti's the 20th anniversary of its creation. When he created it in 2003 he didn't expect it to become as huge as it is but he also didn't expect himself to become as important as he did.

The Roger Federer Foundation, which I established with my parents in 2003, has grown to be much larger than we initially envisioned during my playing days. This year, the foundation will celebrate its 20th anniversary, and I still recall signing the founding document.

The letter also contained some of the milestones that they were able to achieve recently, all things Federer is proud of. He once again confirmed more time allocation personally to the projects which was not the case in the past for obvious reasons.

I never could have imagined how incredibly enlightening, exciting and fulfilling this journey would be, and all the great things we would accomplish together. By the end of the year, we have been able to provide over 2.4 million children with better access to early education, which I consider a tremendous anniversary gift,” Federer wrote. “I am eager to dedicate even more time to the foundation in the coming years, visiting more of the projects on-site, and delving deeper into effective philanthropy.


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