Coco Gauff's New Off-Court Shoe 'Fuzzy Ace' Released

Coco Gauff's New Off-Court Shoe 'Fuzzy Ace' Released

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Coco Gauff collaborated with New Balance once again to introduce the dynamic and head-turning Coco CG1 "Fuzzy Ace".

The young American has her own signature shoe and now she released another pair that can be worn off-court. Drawing inspiration from the very essence of the sport, this latest sneaker pays homage to the iconic tennis ball by emulating its unmistakable neon yellow shade and fuzzy surface.

With the launch of the Coco CG1 "Fuzzy Ace", Gauff brings her unique flair to the sneaker world. The bold "Fuzzy Ace" deviates from traditional tennis shoe designs, opting for a chunkier, more robust silhouette reminiscent of '90s basketball sneakers.

The new shoes hit the shelves on March 31st with a retail price of $170 and Gauff herself has expressed her delight at being so involved in the design process, stating:

“I don't know if maybe another brand would have done that, especially with as much impact from me. Everything that I wear on the court, everything pretty much I get from them, I've probably seen a year in advance and have basically picked out every detail that I didn't like."

Her previous shoe was designed by Gauff's 9-year-old brother Cameron Gauff and the 19-year-old is very happy about her collaboration as she's allowed to fully express herself.

"I'm very happy that they're so welcoming in what I want. A lot of brands aren't always like that with all their athletes. I'm grateful I'm able to do that.”


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