Coco Gauff's signature shoes to be launched on February 1st

Coco Gauff's signature shoes to be launched on February 1st

by Evita Mueller

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Coco Gauff will be launching a special edition of her signature trainer 'Coco Classics' in collaboration with New Balance.

Since making a sensational entrance into the professional tennis scene, Coco Gauff has not only captivated audiences with her exceptional skills on the court but also with her charismatic personality and a keen sense of style.

Her journey with New Balance, beginning at the tender age of 14, has blossomed into a partnership epitomizing innovation and personal expression. The renewal of her contract last October only cemented this fruitful collaboration.

The Coco CG1 'Coco Classics' is more than a mere addition to New Balance's impressive lineup; it is a statement of Gauff's growing influence in the world of sports and fashion. The Instagram announcement, featuring a radiant Gauff, heralded the arrival of the "timeless original" – a fitting description for both the athlete and her signature shoes.

"A timeless original. The Coco CG1 "Coco Classics” launching February 1st. The first of its kind."

The design process of the Coco Classics is a testament to Gauff's active involvement and her commitment to excellence. Unlike many signature sports shoes that are often mere endorsements, the Coco Classics are a direct product of Gauff's vision and her understanding of what a high-performing tennis athlete needs on the court.

This level of personal input is rare in the industry and speaks volumes about her passion and dedication to the sport and its associated lifestyle. From a technical perspective, the Coco Classics are expected to be another go-to pick in tennis footwear.

They are designed to offer unparalleled support, durability, and comfort - essential features for players who spend hours on the court, pushing their limits. The shoes are likely to incorporate advanced technology in cushioning and foot support, reflecting New Balance's commitment to producing high-quality athletic wear.


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