Mouratoglou predicts Sinner's future - "Top 5 or even better"

Mouratoglou predicts Sinner's future - "Top 5 or even better"

by Evita Mueller

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Patrick Mouratoglou has predicted a very bright future for Jannik Sinner believing him capable of being a regular top 5 player or even better.

Sinner has beat touted for a long time as a future grand slam winner but he's not yet been able to get it done. He improved as a player every year so the likelihood of it happening in the future is high and Mouratoglou certainly expects it.

If you look at Jannik’s game it’s quite complete. I don’t see a lot of weaknesses. Of course there is a margin for improvement in some strokes but I think the biggest improvement he can make is how he handles the big matches and how he handles the score.

Mouratoglou on Sinner

Sinner made some deep runs at grand slams but due to the way he plays, he finds himself tricky to 'calm down' when it matters. A very aggressive player, Sinner sometimes burns too hot and plays himself out of matches. He'll get better at it with experience and Mouratoglou sees a bright future for him.

For me his tennis is the tennis of a guy who is top 10 for sure or maybe even top 5. Maybe even better.



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