80% Of Fans Think Zverev Was Right Calling Medvedev 'Unfair'

80% Of Fans Think Zverev Was Right Calling Medvedev 'Unfair'

by Evita Mueller

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After a heated Monte-Carlo Masters showdown, 80% of fans sided with Alexander Zverev, agreeing that Daniil Medvedev was unsportsmanlike.

The 2023 Monte-Carlo Masters third-round match between Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev was anything but uneventful. As tensions escalated on the court, Zverev made headlines by calling out Medvedev's on-court behavior as 'unfair'.

The German didn't hold back his thoughts during a post-match interview, where he dubbed Medvedev as 'one of the most unfair players in the world'. Medvedev responded to that and said that he was ready to confront his opponent as he thought that those comments came especially from a place of disappointment after the loss.

Fans had a chance to create their own opinion and according to numbers, a majority of fans agreed with Zverev's criticism, with a poll conducted by Skysport Deutschland revealing that 80% of respondents shared Zverev's opinion.

While it's worth noting that Skysport Deutschland, a German outlet, conducted the poll regarding a German player, the overwhelming support for Zverev's claims sheds light on the importance fans place on fair play and sportsmanship in tennis.

Alexander Zverev's brother, Mischa, took notice of the poll's results and shared them on social media, stating: "Good to know what the fans think...."

In the past, the two met already 14 times on the ATP Tour with Medvedev winning 8 of the match, and it will be surely interesting to watch them meet again in the future. That can come very soon as both will be hot favourites to do well at upcoming Grand Slams.


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