Henin Defends Medvedev Over Clash With Zverev

Henin Defends Medvedev Over Clash With Zverev

by Balasz Virag

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Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev have several things in common with their height being the one thing you notice immediately but they also share hot heads.

It wasn't that well known until recently when they had a frosty handshake at the Monte-Carlo Masters. It was a very emotional match for both players with a lot of twists and turns but quite a few people were surprised when Zverev unleashed on his colleague after the match.

There were some interesting things he said and Medvedev said some things back albeit in a more reserved tone compared to Zverev. He did explain that they are not really friends and we all got the memo right now. Justine Henin added her perspective on it all.

Things are getting spicy. It’s going to be interesting, everyone is talking about this thing between Zverev and Medvedev. It happened already in the 80s with other players, and it was nice. These days it looks like it’s gonna be a big story, so let’s talk about that. They don’t really like each other, they proved that. They communicate with the press, the players now, will they talk together? I still think it’s going to be the best that they talk together and bring back from the past. But maybe they like it, so maybe it’s the reason.

Nobody knows how things will look in the future but it's not something new. There was some history there even before that with Zverev making odd remarks about Medvedev and his wife which the Russian also mentioned in his response. Henin didn't fault Medvedev much for the clash explaining that he didn't do anything that bad.

I don’t think it was unfair but we know Daniil admits he’s human, sometimes he’s not perfect. He talked about Diego Schwartzman, I think it’s more [serious] with Zverev. Daniil sometimes can get frustrated, upset, and we don’t understand.


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