"She would have won it, for sure" - Stubbs on Serena Williams missing out on 2017 Wimbledon

"She would have won it, for sure" - Stubbs on Serena Williams missing out on 2017 Wimbledon

by Balasz Virag

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Rennae Stubbs fully believes that Serena Williams would have won Wimbledon in 2017 if she didn't get pregnant.

Serena Williams opened the 2017 year with a dominant display at the Australian Open beating her sister Venus in the final to win her 23rd grand slam title. She looked in a great position to win a few more but she became pregnant later that year announcing it officially on April 19th.

Serena did this little thing called get pregnant. She was so dominant at that point. There's no question that if she hadn't got pregnant, she would have won Wimbledon that year, for sure. She was almost unbeatable at Wimbledon when she was playing well, you know,

Stubbs on Williams

The pregnancy certainly stopped her momentum better than any player on the Tour could. According to Stubbs, Wimbledon was a given but she was unsure whether she would have won Roland Garros that year even with the form.

Would she have won the French? I don't know. It was the toughest one for her to win that year, but no doubt in my mind she would have probably won Wimbledon. US Open was always difficult because it was emotionally such a tough event for her to play for so many reasons, but would she have won there? I would certainly have said her over the field at the US Open that year.

Stubbs on Williams in 2017

Williams officially doesn't hold the record for the most grand slams as she has 23 and Court has 24. Most fans and pundits agree that the mark of Williams is far more impressive and Stubbs agrees with that. To her getting to 22 was all that was needed.

She probably would have passed Margaret’s 24 Grand Slams. It doesn't count to me. 22 was always the mark, it was always the mark because it was professional tennis. And Margaret Court won 10 Australian Opens and basically eight of them when pretty much there was never a full field.

Stubbs on most


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