Gauff credits mother for calming presence in comeback win

Gauff credits mother for calming presence in comeback win

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Coco Gauff was on the ropes against Rebecca Peterson but she managed to fight back and win the match, crediting her mother's presence for the win.

Gauff was looking very comfortable in the first set against Peterson but the Swede stormed back in impressive fashion. Targetting Gauff's weaknesses she had a break in had in the final set but allowed the American to finish off the match on a 3-0 run. Her mother is there with her and she credited her as a calming experience in the end despite feeling differently initially.

Yeah, it was great. Almost thought she was a black cat because we lost in doubles yesterday and then I was losing today. I was like, yeah, you're not coming. No, I'm just kidding. No, she's great. She knows me very well. I think she knows me probably better than anyone. She always has such a positive attitude. She keeps my dad calm too in the box. I don't think he would have gotten through today if she wasn't sitting next to him."

Gauff explained that her mother somehow mediates the situation giving her the calmness to just believe in herself and not panic. It's something super useful for the youngster who still can play quite erratic tennis at times, even when things go well for her.

Yeah, she's like one of those people that just mediate the whole situation and I'm glad that she was able to make it out.

Another thing Gauff mentioned in her interview is not carrying previous losses into the next match. She lost the doubles with Pegula a day prior but didn't allow it to affect her negatively. It's something she needed to work on in the past.

A lot of times after losses I would carry that loss from the previous week into the next week. I think I'm doing better at every setting and just taking each match and really learning from it instead of dwelling on it.



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