Coco Gauff catches heavy criticism for behaviour at WTA Finals

Coco Gauff catches heavy criticism for behaviour at WTA Finals

by Balasz Virag

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Coco Gauff is one of the most likeable players on the WTA Tour but during the 2022 WTA Finals, she didn't notice a young fan that waited for an autograph and she was heavily criticized on social media by the mother of the fan.

Due to her lack of success in the competition, American sensation Coco Gauff did not enjoy her time in Fort Worth. She lost all three of her singles and doubles matches in what wasn't an ideal first showing at the year-end competition for the 18-years-old American.

During the event, mother of a young fan made everything to get an autograph for her daughter, but unfortunately she wasn't successful. Explaining her experience on the social media, she wrote:

"I think Coco is an amazing player. On the other hand, my daughter is 12, plays tennis, and looks up to Coco. I bought my daughter the Coco signature New Balance this week. I surprised her with front-row tickets to see her doubles match on Friday and singles tonight."

"The first night she tried to get her shoe or ball signed and Coco only signed 4 and walked out. My daughter was devastated and cried all the way home. I told Elyse you still have tomorrow, just be proud you got to see her play. Today my daughter made a sign. We had front-row tickets Coco had to walk to us before walking out. She looked at Elyse and didn't sign anything and walked out."

"I understand you're upset after your loss but a lot of little girls look up to you. I teach my daughter not to be a sore loser but how can I when her favorite player won't even look at her when she loses even with a sign that says 'Coco sign my shoes. She didn't want anyone else's autograph but Coco. We love you Coco."


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