WATCH: Tiafoe Jokingly Hits His Opponent's Private Zone

WATCH: Tiafoe Jokingly Hits His Opponent's Private Zone

by Sebastian Dahlman

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In a moment of levity during the high-stakes 2023 Indian Wells semifinals, Frances Tiafoe jokingly targeted and hit the private zone of his opponent, Daniil Medvedev.

The Indian Wells semifinals witnessed a fierce battle between Medvedev and Tiafoe and the light-hearted exchange took place during a changeover, following a particularly lucky shot from Medvedev that broke Tiafoe's serve.

Medvedev, who had been nursing an ankle injury sustained during his fourth-round match against Alexander Zverev, continued to display exceptional resilience and determination on the court and eventually beat the American in two sets.

Tiafoe's humorous retaliation came after Medvedev's break of serve, a moment that could have escalated tensions between the players. Instead, Tiafoe's playful response lightened the atmosphere and showcased the friendly sportsmanship between the two competitors.

Medvedev reacted to the unexpected hit with laughter, further solidifying the bond between the athletes. After the match, the Russian was full of praise for the match, saying:

“It was crazy at the end. I got super tight. I would say that [after] 6-5, 40/0, I think I got tight at deuce when I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s a lot of opportunities missed, this could go not well for me’. So I got really tight, [but] I still managed to continue playing good… The ace [on match point] was a relief, I’m just really happy that I managed not to lose this match.” 


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