WATCH: Former World No. 17 Bernard Tomic Brutally Attacked By Two Men

WATCH: Former World No. 17 Bernard Tomic Brutally Attacked By Two Men

by Zachary Wimer

Bernard Tomic had a very unpleasant experience as a footage of him being violently attacked by two men emerged online.

Only a few years ago, Bernard Tomic seemed to be one of the most promising talents on the ATP Tour, but things have gone downhill for the Australian in the past few years. After reaching his career-high 17th place in the ATP Rankings back in 2016, Tomic had a period when he struggled to find his best tennis.

However, amid struggles, Tomic declared that 'he'll get back on his own' and his tennis has dramatically improved over the past few months. The Australian currently plays mostly on the ATP Challenger Tour, and after having a losing record in each of the seasons from 2019 to 2021, he has actually won more matches than he lost in 2022 and 2023.

But now, the 30-year-old was involved in what seemed to be a violent attack from two men. The video clip, which emerged online, provides a glimpse into a scene that no sports fan would wish upon any athlete.

In it, we see the 30-year-old Australian, clad in a tracksuit, being aggressively attacked by two unidentified men. The grainy footage captures the urgency of the situation, with Tomic frantically shielding his face from their relentless blows.

One of the assailants, brimming with contempt, can be heard shouting, "get up ya dog," echoing the brutality of the attack. What transpired before or after those harrowing 16 seconds remains shrouded in mystery.

Channel 10, an Australian media outlet, shed some light on the backdrop of the incident, pinning the location outside a Gold Coast tattoo parlour. However, specifics regarding the date and time of the assault have yet to emerge.

The lingering question on everyone's mind is the motive behind such an attack. What could lead to this animosity against Tomic? Were there prior altercations, unreported feuds, or was this a grim case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time?


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