"I'll get back on my own" - Tomic after Australian Open snub

"I'll get back on my own" - Tomic after Australian Open snub

by Evita Mueller

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Bernard Tomic has been attempting a comeback in the recent year and while still far away from the top 100, Tomic did win some ITF events.

The Australian was snubbed for a wild card entry into the Australian Open but he didn't expect it either. It doesn't bother him and he's at a stage in his life where he doesn't expect any kind of favours. He prefers to earn it on his own:

“I’m not expecting any favours. I’m going to prove my point and earn my way,” explained Tomic. “I understand Tennis Australia has made their decision. It’s good to see the young tennis players getting an opportunity," added Tomic.

"I’m at a place in my life where I don’t complain anymore. I’m focused and I’ve been training hard. I’ll let my tennis do the talking. Last quarter of 2022, I won three tournaments and made four finals."

He's probably still got a solid level but how far can he go remains to be seen. He did exclaim that 2023 is his year:

“This year is my year, if no one is going to help support me, I’ll get back to top 100 on my own. My headspace is very different. I’m in a positive environment, good people around me, I’m in a healthy, happy relationship. Now all there is to do, is get back to where I belong.”


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