Sinner Reveals Why Parents Won't Start Travelling To Tournaments Despite His Success

Sinner Reveals Why Parents Won't Start Travelling To Tournaments Despite His Success

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner added another trophy to his name, and he did it once more without his parents watching, explaining why that keeps happening.

The biggest trophy of Sinner's career was the Australian Open earlier this year, and he didn't have his parents watching him win it. He explained back then that they never really traveled to his events, and it's just something that's always been the case.

They do watch him play, of course, but very rarely do they make a trip actually to see him in person. He had his father in Indian Wells with him, but he wasn't there for his Miami Open run.

Asked about it after beating Grigor Dimitrov in the final of the second ATP Masters 1000 tournament of the season, Sinner explained that his parents like to continue going about their life, as they are happy with it and still work regularly.

They have their lives, and he has his, though he hopes to see them at a couple of events in the future, such as the Monte-Carlo Masters, the Italian Open in Rome, and possibly the ATP Finals in Turin if he makes it there.

"They will continue to do their life, and then I do my life (smiling). For sure, my dad, you know, he had, like, in Indian Wells he came. There are, like, three, four tournaments where they could arrive."

"Monaco they might arrive. Rome and Vienna and end of year hopefully in Turin if I play. And that's it. They won't travel much, at least until now."

It's not an unwillingness on the part of his parents that prevents them from traveling often; it's just that they have other commitments, such as elderly parents whom they take care of and want to stay close to. He does miss them often because that's just life.

"I know them, so I also have grandma and grandpa, which they have a certain age now which they want to stay close to. We have the family at that home. They live in a beautiful place, so they have a good life there. For sure I miss personally a little bit the time with my parents, because I left home when I was 13, 14. So I haven't had so much time with them. Hopefully I can make this up in the future."


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