"Indescribable, incredible love" - Monfils on becoming father

"Indescribable, incredible love" - Monfils on becoming father

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Gael Monfils started a blog on his own website where he will be providing fans with all sorts of updates on his tennis and private life.

This year, Monfils launched his own website and published his first blog entry on November 25. It included his strategy for bouncing back from a heel injury. The following one was a brief general update, followed by a new one with the subject line "So Gael, how's it going?"

"I’m a dad! Elina and I welcomed our first baby, Skaï, about a month and a half ago," started Monfils a paragraph about his life as a father.

"Because of my injury, I was able to spend much more time with both her and our new daughter than I ever could have in a normal season. I got to be with Elina every day throughout the end of her pregnancy and be there for her completely during the birth. People ask me how it feels to be a father, and to be honest, I don’t really have the words. It’s indescribable, incredible love." added Monfils.

He also shared what is coming in the future from La Monf: "As if a newborn wasn’t keeping me busy enough, I’ve also been working on some new non tennis-related projects, including the launch of this site and blog, producing my first vlogs on YouTube, creating a podcast with people who inspire me (more on that later), and of course, finding new ways to connect with my community over on LinkedIn. I’ll share stuff I’m working on with you here and there: stay tuned!"


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