Journalist Hits Out At ATP For Allowing Zverev To Play Amid Allegations Of Domestic Abuse

Journalist Hits Out At ATP For Allowing Zverev To Play Amid Allegations Of Domestic Abuse

by Nurein Ahmed

Sports Illustrated (SI) editor and Tennis Channel analyst Jon Wertheim publicly called out the ATP for relaxing punishment on Alexander Zverev in the wake of two domestic abuse allegations.

Last month, a Berlin court ordered the German tennis star to pay €450,000 for physically assaulting his former partner, Brenda Patea, who is also the mother of his daughter. Zverev objected to the court ruling and the fine imposed through a statement by his lawyers.

The World No. 9 has refrained from commenting on the issue and has termed the fine as a "complete bulls**t," believing there is pure malice by the accuser. Zverev will contest the appeal and is confident of overturning the ruling.

Tennis fans have made their voices heard in this discourse and called for the ATP to reprimand the German on the tennis court too. And now American journalist Jon Wertheim wants to see the ATP take disciplinary measures against the player, who is still scot-free and playing on the ATP Tour.

Wertheim believes players and tournaments are put in a "bad spot" because of these serious allegations and it portrays a bad look for the sport. Considering that this is the second time he has been accused by a woman of physical assault, Wertheim is perturbed that the ATP has allowed him to compete.

"Zverev gets to keep playing/earning$. But at what price?...At best, looks jay-vee. In the face multiple DV allegations-and one adjudication-you still let a guy compete?... Players and tournaments are put in a bad spot...There are close calls. This ain't one. Bad look all around."

The ATP has distanced itself from making any detailed comment about the matter but is monitoring the situation and will likely wait until the procedure is concluded. Zverev is currently preparing to play the final tournament of his season at the ATP Finals in Turin. Twice a former champion at the year-end championships, he'll need a clear mind to play well next week.


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