'Should Be Reprimanded In Tennis As Well': Fans React To Zverev's Fine For Assaulting Partner

'Should Be Reprimanded In Tennis As Well': Fans React To Zverev's Fine For Assaulting Partner

by Nurein Ahmed

Alexander Zverev was recently ordered to pay a fine amounting to €450,000 by a court in Berlin for accusations of physically assaulting his former partner, Brenda Patea.

Although the court ruling did not make mention of her former partner's name, Zverev's lawyers listed Brenda Patea - the mother of his child - in a statement that objects to the ruling and the fine imposed by the court.

Zverev gave his thoughts on the hefty penalty and did not elaborate in detail as he is confident of proceeding to a trial. It is not the first time that the German tennis star has been dragged into an alleged case of physical assault on a woman

A Russian former tennis player Olya Sharypova, another of Zverev's former partners, accused him of domestic abuse dating back to 2019. Unlike Patea, Sharypova did not press charges.

The ATP has never lodged disciplinary measures against the former World No. 2 in both cases but is monitoring the situation closely following the latest court ruling, declining to give an elaborate comment since legal proceedings are still ongoing.

Many fans took to social media to voice their annoyance at Zverev's actions and their disapproval of the ATP's current stance for allowing him to play even after being fined for assault. Zverev was in action at this week's Paris Masters until his round of 16 exit at the hands of Stefanos Tsitsipas.

One fan felt that justice was served in court and the ATP needed to exercise their disciplinary measures against Zverev. The comment read, "Finally. Consequences for his shitty actions. He should be reprimanded in tennis as well."

Another felt that Zverev painted a bad look of men's tennis, saying, "All week we've seen fair and just criticism of the WTA, but it's about time we do the exact same (if not more) to the ATP. Not only have they let Zverev play on as if nothing is wrong for years, they continue to promote him at every chance - all while knowing exactly who he is."

With all the evidence in the case, and people still finding elements of innocence in Zverev is quite baffling as one wrote, "Even more damning evidence. Yet people will still bend over backwards to defend him and somehow he's still permitted to be on tour?"

Zverev has qualified for the ATP Finals, but a potential suspension by the ATP could rule him out and it will benefit whoever finishes ninth in the ATP Race. And one supposed Hubert Hurkacz fan is praying for that scenario to materialize, "Zverev hopefully getting suspended and giving Hubi the last spot for the finals IKTR."


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