Zverev Labels 450,000€ Fine For Ex-Girlfriend Assault 'Complete Bulls**t'

Zverev Labels 450,000€ Fine For Ex-Girlfriend Assault 'Complete Bulls**t'

by Erik Virostko

Alexander Zverev said what he thinks about the fine that he recently got for supposedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend, and mother of his child, Brenda Patea.

The 26-year-old German is having a great time on the ATP Tour, likely securing his spot at the ATP Finals despite having a really difficult start to the season, but his life outside of it is quite challenging.

Earlier this year, Zverev was accused of an assault on his ex-girlfriend. Back then, he was quick to "completely reject" the allegations and refused to comment on the matter any further.

Now, he has received a 450,000€ fine following a criminal order, and according to The Times, Zverev talked about the fine for the assault and the whole process, which he called a "complete bulls**t," and suggested that the accuser might have impure intentions.

"I’m going against it. I think it’s complete bulls**t. Anybody that has a semi-standard IQ level knows what this is all about."

When asked to further elaborate on the process, the German player refused to say anything else, as further procedure is yet to come, so he didn't want to possibly interfere with the future court's ruling.

"I’m not going to comment on that to be honest because there is a procedure still to come."

Zverev's comments came after his most recent win at the 2023 Paris Masters. The 26-year-old player had to battle for three-and-a-half hours to eventually eliminate the last Frenchman standing, Ugo Humbert. Speaking about the match and the atmosphere, he said:

"I really enjoy playing in front of the French fans. A lot of the times when I’m not playing for French people, I think the crowd is really for me here but I also learned over the years to enjoy it when it’s something very special that is against you as well. Today was definitely the case that 15,000 people were against me."


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