"I've met presidents" - Stephens thankful to tennis for life experiences

"I've met presidents" - Stephens thankful to tennis for life experiences

by Balasz Virag

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Sloane Stephens might have had the career she could have had but she's very grateful to the sport for the experiences she had.

It wasn't just about tennis for the American player; she always kept the greater picture in mind. She was able to make some incredible experiences through the sport, and she is eager to assist others in doing the same. Due to all of that, she is keen to give back to the community:

“I always say tennis has given me such an incredible opportunity to do all these amazing things. I’ve met presidents. I’ve traveled the world. Tennis has been my vehicle for that. I’ve always loved to work in my community and I’d love to give back and give people those same opportunities."

She explained that tennis is a difficult sport to start because it is very costly, even at the lowest of levels:

“Tennis is a very hard sport to get into. You need a racquet. You need courts. You need coaches. It discourages a lot of parents and kids. Tennis has given me so much and being able to offer that to someone’s child through sport and education is really important."


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