'We Met In A Moment That Was Really Tough For Me': Badosa On Dating Tsitsipas

'We Met In A Moment That Was Really Tough For Me': Badosa On Dating Tsitsipas

by Nurein Ahmed

Paula Badosa recently elaborated on her love affair with ATP star Stefanos Tsitsipas, underlining his immense devotion to their relationship.

Badosa and Tsitsipas have become the most famous couple on tour since they began dating in May 2023. The Spaniard ignited rumors of an affair with the Greek when she was seen cheering for him from the stands during a match at Roland Garros.

Soon after, the pair went public with their relationship and have been extremely showy in tennis tournaments, interviews, and even on social media, where they own a joint Instagram account named "Tsitsidosa".

Tsitsipas has been very complimentary of Badosa's deep affection. They travel together when on tour and played mixed doubles together at the World Tennis League and, most recently, at the Eisenhower Cup before Indian Wells.

Badosa spoke about their relationship during an appearance on the Tennis Channel Inside-In podcast. The Manhattan-born Spaniard expressed her gratitude for having Tsitsipas by her side, praising him for showing empathy and devoting his time and energy to her.

"For me, it's amazing, having him here today with me, supporting me and spending time with him. But, it's not only that. Since we started our relationship, all the support I get from him and also having somebody that does the same thing as me, I think he empathizes with everything."

Badosa then opened up about the early days of their affair. She had been nursing a back injury for a while and was forced to retire at last year's Wimbledon. They were due to play mixed doubles at the tournament before the injury. But she divulged about Tsitsipas' inspirational role.

"We met in a moment, that for me, was really tough because of the injury. But, he has always been there for me and as I always say, maybe it sounds cliche, but he inspires me also."

"So, I learn a lot from him since on and off court because I think he is a great example and sharing moments and sharing my personal life with him, it's something very very nice."

Badosa was forced to withdraw from Indian Wells on the eve of the tournament, pointing out that the debilitating back injury had resurfaced. Tsitsipas, meanwhile, progressed into the fourth round with a straight-set win over Frances Tiafoe


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