'Misinterpreted': Swiatek Admits Netflix Appearance 'Caused Hate To Her And Her Team'

'Misinterpreted': Swiatek Admits Netflix Appearance 'Caused Hate To Her And Her Team'

by Zachary Wimer

Iga Swiatek took part in Netflix's Break Point series, but she has mixed feelings after taking part as it brought a lot of hate to her and her team.

The Netflix series Break Point was supposed to do wonders for tennis, and in some ways, it was a success. For many, though, it was a rather big disappointment because dedicated tennis fans haven't really gotten anything out of the series.

It certainly didn't show anything most fans didn't already know. For the players, it's been rather interesting as well, especially for Swiatek, who got a lot of hate because of it.

There was a scene that was cut awkwardly, creating a lot of headlines and hate towards her team. It painted her psychologist in a very bad light, even though the interaction was rather harmless.

"I was involved only in Season 1, and I gotta say that it was kind of a test for me if I'm going to be comfortable talking about my life and, like, opening up so much."

Looking back at it now, the Polish player is unsure about her participation because some things were misinterpreted, which she wasn't that happy about.

"I think that the Netflix guys were really nice and really cooperative but in the end there wasn't much impact we had in terms of editing some stuff we didn't like. I know I didn't give, like, much access, as much as other players."

Despite being happy with the crew that followed her, the world no. 1 was clearly not happy with the way Netflix portrayed her team, and that's why she has decided not to take part in any more seasons.

"I accepted that I may not have the final voice, but there were some stuff that were, like, misinterpreted. My appearance in this series kind of caused some hate towards me and my team."

"So I just wanted to, you know, live my life peacefully and do my job, so that's why I didn't get into the second season."


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