'Please Consider People's Feelings': Gauff Reacts To Criticism Of Vogue Cover

'Please Consider People's Feelings': Gauff Reacts To Criticism Of Vogue Cover

by Nurein Ahmed

Coco Gauff was left heartbroken upon hearing criticism of her shot that graced the cover of Vogue's April 2024 issue.

Last month, the 20-year-old donned an ostentatious yet fashionable Michael Kors golden gown in a photo captured by prominent photographer Annie Leibovitz, which headlined the magazine's cover for the month.

Gauff's rise to the upper echelons of the WTA Tour and her documented advocacy on social issues like gender inequality and racial discrimination have been central to her becoming a public figure. Recently, the young American found herself fighting an online battle related to her shoot for Vogue.

In a viral TikTok video from The Cutting Room Floor podcast, host Recho Omondi bluntly tells Zendaya's stylist Law Roach that photographer Leibovitz's last two shoots were not beautiful.

This was in reference to April and May covers featuring Gauff and Zendaya. The World No. 3 is an avid fan of TikTok, and it didn't take long before she stumbled upon the video.

Her immediate reaction to the criticism caused her to cry. She then openly shared her thoughts in the comments section on the podcast's official handle, where she advised the hosts to be considerate in their views without hurting people's feelings.

"I understand your take but when criticizing please consider the people in the cover’s feelings. To say it wasn't beautiful is a tad bit mean, just say you felt it could be captured better."

Gauff wrote to the Cutting Room 

The Cutting Room Floor account tried to remedy the situation by replying to Gauff's comments on the video. They claimed that their criticism was directed at the image rather than the actual person.

"You are gorgeous. No questions asked. I was speaking directly to how it was shot. It was more of a critique of how the images are shot but not the subjects themselves! We love you Coco."

The Cutting Room Floor replied at Gauff

"Thank you, and I know that! I just felt that could've been translated better, that's all."

Gauff sounds words of advice to the host


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