Nadal Yet To Decide About Roland Garros Participation After Brutal Rome Defeat

Nadal Yet To Decide About Roland Garros Participation After Brutal Rome Defeat

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal admitted some time ago that he's unsure about playing at the 2024 Roland Garros, and he confirmed it after his most recent match at the Italian Open.

Everything Nadal is doing right now is with the simple goal of getting ready to compete at the Roland Garros. That's the main event on his calendar, and it's quickly approaching.

He surprised many by admitting not long ago that he's unsure about playing in Paris. Some have suggested that he won't play in Paris unless he knows he can contend, but judging by his level in his most recent match, Nadal doesn't look like a player who might contend at the major.

In his own words, he is still unsure about playing in Paris, which won't make a lot of fans feel too optimistic.

"You can see today on the court how difficult is. That's the answer, no? Yeah, that's an option that can happens today and you need to accept. Now is two ways: Probably one is to say, Okay, I am not ready, I am not playing enough well."

"Then is the moment to take a decision in terms of not playing Roland Garros. Another is accept how I am today and work the proper way to try to be in a different way in two weeks. The decision, as you can imagine, is not clear in my mind today."

Everything Nadal says these weeks is very sensible and makes sense; however, tennis fans want to know the answers, hoping to see him in the Spanish capital. Still, he admitted that if he were to lean toward one of the choices, it would be to go to Paris and try his best.

"But if I have to say what's my feeling and if my mind is closer one way or the other way, I going to say be in Roland Garros and try my best. Physically I have some issues, but not probably yet enough to say not playing in the most important event of my tennis career."


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