Gauff Feels Like Super Competitive Nature Doesn't Hinder Her Progress

Gauff Feels Like Super Competitive Nature Doesn't Hinder Her Progress

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff is super-competitive, but she doesn't think it hinders her progress, in fact, she believes that it's actually boosted her level in recent times.

Being competitive is obviously necessary to become a great tennis player, or a great athlete in general, but there is also such a thing as being too competitive. Anything in moderation is generally accepted as good, while most things in excess are not.

Gauff tries to find her balance like any player, but sometimes, she gets consumed by it. It usually ends up being self-criticism, a quite harsh self-criticism, but it's not something that unusual for her.

That drive has always been there and she was recently asked about it while competing at the 2024 Italian Open. The American admitted that she generally considers herself competitive but tries to moderate it.

In light of that admission, she further asserted that she doesn't really think it hinders her progress, even though sometimes it can have a negative effect. She's not dismissing the reality that sometimes it can be detrimental.

"Actually, I don't know when it, like, hinders. Maybe when the negative aspect of just being too judgmental of myself, because you always want to strive to be the better player, be the best. Yeah, so probably just that."

More recently, though, Gauff has seen herself perform best under pressure. When her opponents step up and put her under pressure, her competitive spirit kicks in as well, elevating her game even further. It worked in the US Open final so there is really no need to change that.

"But, like, as of late, I think it's always just been a boost for me. Sometimes, like, I play my best tennis when I'm down. Yeah, but I don't think it hinders me that much. I think it's always been a motivator."


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