'I Crashed My Racket, That's How Emotional I Am': Sabalenka On Dealing With Defeats

'I Crashed My Racket, That's How Emotional I Am': Sabalenka On Dealing With Defeats

by Zachary Wimer

Aryna Sabalenka is a pretty emotional player whose emotions show in various ways, including screams or smashed rackets.

The Belarusian always approached tennis with a lot of passion. She's one of the fiercest competitors on the WTA Tour, which is why some of the best on the Tour tremendously respect her.

Iga Swiatek paid tribute to her a few times, explaining how she pushes her to become a better player by improving herself, and that's really great for tennis. As a passionate player, Sabalenka often expresses her emotions.

Whether it's through screams during play or reactions after the match, it's just part of who she is, and that's never going to change. Asked about her emotional side at the 2024 Italian Open, Sabalenka talked about how it shows most of the time, most recently at the Madrid Open.

"I suffer a little bit. Last time I crashed my racquet, that's how emotional I am. I just throw it out once, I was okay afterwards. When I was a kid, I was also crying, I was pissed."

"There was lots of different emotions going on. What I learned in the past is just the momentum. Yeah, now you lost, but you have thousands of opportunities to get that win. It's just momentum and you just have to be respective."

Many players struggle with learning to lose, but it's essential. Players have to learn to lose to figure out how to win, and for Sabalenka, it's all about that. Just accept the loss and go do better. Try and win the next time, and quite often, it works out for her.

"You just have to accept the loss and just move on and work and try better next time. If you get to that stages, to the last stages of the tournaments, I mean, it's impossible to win all of them."

"Sometimes you just have to lose to learn something. Then maybe on the bigger tournaments or in the most important tournaments, you will remember the lesson and you'll do better in the final."


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