Djokovic's Clay Qualities Overlooked Because Of Nadal's Greatness Says Medvedev

Djokovic's Clay Qualities Overlooked Because Of Nadal's Greatness Says Medvedev

by Zachary Wimer

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Daniil Medvedev has no worries about Novak Djokovic's level because he's both a great player on clay and generally still really good.

Novak Djokovic hasn't played the way we've come to expect from him this year, but that's not leaving many people worried. Some have started the retirement chants, but it's quite premature for Medvedev. It doesn't make sense because the Serbian is still one of the best in the world, and he's only played three events this year.

He might not have shown his best yet, but he will in the coming months, as the Russian expects him to find his best level. Getting out of a slump is always tricky, but the best among the best are certainly more capable of doing so and it doesn't matter that we'll change the surfaces often.

As he noted, Djokovic is extremely good on clay; it's just that his results pale compared to Nadal. The inverse is also true for Nadal, who is one of the best on all surfaces.

Novak, he's amazing on all the surfaces. Maybe because of Rafa on clay, he has a bit less titles than he could have had. It works the same for Rafa. If there would not be Novak on the hard and grass, maybe Rafa would have more titles there.

Medvedev on Djokovic

Medvedev also touched upon his own injury, which happened last week in Madrid. He's hoping things go smoothly this week in Rome because he wants to do well. He's the defending champion after winning last year.

It's never easy after injury to get back straightaway to the good level. First match is going to be very important to see where I am. I think if I play good the first match, then I can be in the favorites, yeah.

Medvedev on his expectations


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