Tennis Comeback 'Worth It' Despite 'Logistical' Nightmare With Kids Says Wozniacki

Tennis Comeback 'Worth It' Despite 'Logistical' Nightmare With Kids Says Wozniacki

by Evita Mueller

Caroline Wozniacki is making a comeback to tennis, and she spoke about that ahead of her return at the 2023 Canadian Open.

The news about Caroline Wozniacki coming back to tennis came out of nowhere, stunning pretty much everybody on the WTA Tour. There were some rumblings behind the scenes about Wozniacki thinking about it, but there was no indication that she was going to do it, especially so quickly.

The news hasn't even properly settled yet and she's already going to play. The former number one will play at the Canadian Open in Montreal and she spoke about her return on the day before the event is set to officially start.

Tennis-wise, I feel like I'm doing great in practice and it's going to be just fine when I'm out there. So I'm not stressing. I'm not worried. It's just about getting more and more matches in and the more I play the better I'm going to play. I hope that I'm going to be at my peak for the US Open.

She's not lacking any confidence before her return, and she shouldn't, according to Kim Clijsters, who saw her up close during Wimbledon, where she played in the Legends event. Many are excited to see what she can do though it will take some time to get into match form.

Realistically when you haven't been on tour and haven't played a match in so long, no matter how much you practice, how many practice sets you've done, you can never replicate being on a match court. I have to get into the match rhythm myself, but at least I know where I am, where I feel like I am doing very well, where I can improve. It's a much clearer picture that you have when you've seen it from the outside.

She's also a mother now which makes it a bit tougher. There are some logistical nightmares but she's enjoying the journey for far. In her own mind, it's worth it and that's all that matters. Seeing another mother do well would be great for tennis as Andy Murray recently explained.

It's not easy logistically with having children and traveling with them and doing all of that, but it's so worth it. Olivia has had a blast so far, these last four or five days we've been here. I've experienced more of Montreal in these last five days than I have in the many times I've been here before. So it's exciting for me too.

I'm here. I've got nothing to lose. I have already done so much in my career and basically ticked off most of the goals that I had set. But I'm here because I love to compete. I love the sport, and I feel like I still have a lot to give to the sport. And doing it with the family just makes it so much more enjoyable.


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