Former Number One Caroline Wozniacki Announces Imminent Tennis Return

Former Number One Caroline Wozniacki Announces Imminent Tennis Return

by Evita Mueller

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Former world number one Caroline Wozniacki is coming back to tennis after three years with plans to play the North American hardcourt swing including the US Open.

Wozniacki retired from tennis on 24th January 2020 at the Australian Open which was her final event. The event was always a special one for her because it was the only Grand Slam event she ever won. Wozniacki won 30 titles in her career and spend time as number one after initially making her debut in the position in October of 2010.

The announcement of her return to tennis came on social media as part of a cover story for Vogue Magazine. The return to tennis is a chance for her to try and accomplish some of the things she failed to accomplish in her previous competitive stint. She's now a mother of two with the desire to show her kids that you can always pursue your dreams.

Over these past three years away from the game I got to make up for lost time with my family, I became a mother and now have two beautiful children I am so grateful for. But I still have goals I want to accomplish. I want to show my kids that you can pursue your dreams no matter your age or role. We decided as a family it’s time. I’m coming back to play and I can’t wait!

Wozniacki's Twitter Announcement

According to her announcement, her first event will be the Montreal Masters after which she will play at the US Open as well. Wozniacki explained that she holds a firm belief in being able to compete with the best and thinks that she can win both the US Open this year and the Australian Open next year. It's a rather shocking development, particularly because she said last year that she thinks Serena Williams is done for good.

"Can I win the US Open? I think so. Can I win the Australian Open? I think so."

Wozniacki in Vogue Magazine

Perhaps we see Williams on the courts again after all. Perhaps this is the year of comebacks. We don't know but for now, we know that Caroline Wozniacki is back on the Tour. Welcome back !


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