'Finished Simona's Career': Halep Prompted To Ask For 100-200 Million By Tiriac

'Finished Simona's Career': Halep Prompted To Ask For 100-200 Million By Tiriac

by Balasz Virag

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Former Romanian player Ion Tiriac believes that the career of Simona Halep is finished as the doping case continues to drag on.

Simona Halep has been away from tennis since the US Open last year. One of her samples provided at the event was positive for a banned substance which automatically meant she was provisionally banned from the sport without the ability to attend any WTA events.

The Romanian was shocked about the news releasing a statement that she'll fight to prove her innocence as many prominent tennis figures backed her in that regard. For a while, it seemed like the case was moving in a positive direction as Halep was able to find the source of the banned substance but the case still dragged on.

She was supposed to have a hearing earlier this year but that was postponed after irregularities were found in her biological passport. Halep immediately released a statement calling her predicament harassment due to the slow pace of things moving.

Some reporters noted the seriousness of the double allegation explaining that this could be it for Halep. Former Romanian player and current businessman Ion Tiriac, who spoke to AS, agrees as she's losing valuable playing time while the case is going on.

In my opinion, they have finished Simona's career, and someone has to answer here. How much can Simona ask for? 100 million, 200? Who is the culprit? Someone, however, is guilty, but it is sad what is happening to Simona.  I don't compare it to the fact that we are Romanians or I don't know what. When someone slaps you, if you don't slap them back - my father taught me 80 years ago - it means you're a servant and only on your knees.

Tiriac on the case

Most of the details are not known but Halep is losing valuable playing time as she's not the youngest anymore. Moreover, the provisional suspension came at a time when the Romanian was once again getting back to her best. It significantly affected her career, and that's one of the reasons why Tiriac suggests she should fight for the money lost.


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