Teen Tennis Prodigy Coco Gauff Takes a Swing at Primetime TV

Teen Tennis Prodigy Coco Gauff Takes a Swing at Primetime TV

by Balasz Virag

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Get ready to see tennis prodigy Coco Gauff in a whole new light as she steps onto the small screen for her acting debut in the hit CW series "All American: Homecoming."

The 19-year-old tennis sensation will guest star in an upcoming episode of the second season, giving fans a chance to see her display her talents beyond the tennis court. "All American: Homecoming" is a spinoff of the successful sports drama series "All American," which highlights the struggles and triumphs of high school athletes in Beverly Hills.

The spinoff chronicles the journey of Simone Hicks, portrayed by Geffri Hightower, as she leaves Los Angeles to attend the fictional Bringston University, a historically Black college in Atlanta. At the university, Simone decides to chase her dreams of becoming a professional tennis player.

Gauff, an Atlanta native herself, shared her excitement about the cameo on Twitter while attending the Indian Wells this week, where she lost to Aryna Sabalenka. Although the details of her role remain under wraps, the upcoming episode, titled "Stand Up for Something," suggests that Gauff's character will be involved in a pivotal moment for Simone and the Bringston tennis team.

Reflecting on her foray into the world of acting, Gauff admitted that the process was more challenging and repetitive than she expected. She compared it to the drills in tennis, but ultimately found acting even more repetitive. Despite the demanding nature of the work, Gauff enjoyed the experience and the people she met on set.

"I didn't realize how many times you have to do a scene over and over and over again. Drills in tennis are repetitive, but I think that's even more repetitive.

"It was cool. I would do it again because of the people I met, but I don't think I would do it again because of the work. But if I can meet cool people, yeah, I would keep doing it. Huge respect to all the actors, people in that business. It's definitely not as easy as it seems on the TV."



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