'It's Really Bad For Us': Raducanu Worried About Another Injury Amid Ball Struggles

'It's Really Bad For Us': Raducanu Worried About Another Injury Amid Ball Struggles

by Alex Waite

Emma Raducanu has joined fellow professionals in criticizing the inconsistent types of tennis balls used in different competitions.

Currently, event organizers can choose which balls to use, and the selection is often made due to sponsorship agreements. However, the quality of balls at some tournaments, including the 2024 Indian Wells, has come under fire from players, with Stan Wawrinka raising the issue with tournament director Tommy Haas on social media.

Players have spoken out about the potential wrist injuries that can occur from sub-standard equipment, and Raducanu is certainly familiar with such injuries after she had surgery on both wrists last season.

The former US Open champion explained that using heavy balls, like those at Indian Wells, can cause complications and outlined how the issue is more severe for players like her who are recovering from injury.

"The conditions are very different in Indian Wells compared to Miami. It’s very humid. The balls are very heavy. They are different, which I don’t think is great for any of the players’ wrists, but especially mine."

"I honestly think it’s really bad for us, the way that we have to switch balls every single week and especially when you’ve gone through surgeries."

The inconsistency of balls used was also prevalent last season, as Novak Djokovic addressed the issue with ATP president Andrea Gaudenzi last season. In addition, Taylor Fritz outlined how frequent changes in the different types of balls used caused his wrist injuries to develop in October 2023.

Raducanu's arguments are in line with fellow professionals and she questioned why the setup is so different in tennis when compared to other sports.

“I know a lot of players who are struggling with wrist problems, too. I don’t understand why every other sport is pretty much the same, whereas in tennis it’s different week to week.”


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