Sakkari Issues Verdict On Her New Coaching Partnership With Pegula's Former Coach

Sakkari Issues Verdict On Her New Coaching Partnership With Pegula's Former Coach

by Zachary Wimer

Maria Sakkari recently hired Jessica Pegula's former coach, and she has now spoken about their partnership.

Pegula spent the last couple of years being coached by David Witt, but that changed recently when she shockingly split with her long-time coach. The split came out of nowhere because the partnership was seemingly working really well, and the American was not in any kind of slump.

She was dedicated to trying something new, so she made the call to end the partnership. Witt is known as one of the better coaches on the WTA Tour, so it didn't take long for somebody to hire him, and it was Sakkari who added him to her team.

After spending a few days working with Witt, the Greek issued her verdict on how it's been going so far, and it's been good. She described the coach as a relaxed person, which helps her as somebody who is a bit more on the stressful side.

"I just feel very relaxed with David. He's very laid back. That's something that really helps me, being a very stressful person. I think I haven't really stressed for anything the last few days I have been with him (smiling). He's so funny. I think he's one of the funniest guys I've ever met in my life. I'm laughing all the time."

We'll probably have to wait for a while to see how the change affects her tennis. As she described, being at ease is very good and should help her find her best tennis. It will be a while until some changes are noticeable, but hopefully, things will look better in the future, as the Greek has recently dropped out of the Top 10.

"I just really enjoy my time with him on and off the court. He's a very nice guy, which is the most important thing, but he's also an amazing coach. He keeps it very simple, and that's what I like, because I don't think I'm a player that you have to complicate things. So I like the way it's going, I hope he does too (smiling)."


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