'Like A Wall': 16-Year-Old Supertalent Andreeva Praised By Former World No. 1 Hingis

'Like A Wall': 16-Year-Old Supertalent Andreeva Praised By Former World No. 1 Hingis

by Alfredo Bassanelli

Mirra Andreeva has many fans among former and current players, and one of them is former number one on the WTA Tour, Martina Hingis.

Former number one Hingis knows a lot about tennis. It kind of goes with the territory of being a number one player in the world, and as you might think, she's a huge fan of Andreeva. Many people are huge fans of Andreeva, and what she was able to do this year, so that's hardly a surprise.

She went through the qualifiers to secure a spot in the main draw of Wimbledon and then went all the way to the 4th round where she got beaten by Madison Keys. Speaking about Andreeva, Hings noted that she's been familiar with her for a while as she watched her play some ITF tournaments in Switzerland.

I’ve seen a lot of her because she played a couple of ITF tournaments in Switzerland. So I saw when she made this little breakthrough, then fourth round in Madrid, qualifying at the French, here fourth round. It’s great to see a 16-year-old doing so well.

I like her game, she’s a pretty girl and it’s nice to see, also for the people, to see someone like this, to see that it’s still possible being young and doing well.

Some have actually compared Andreeva to Hingis and the way she plays, and she can certainly see the similarities. One difference is that Hingis was a much more aggressive and attacking player, while Andreeva, who will play her next event in Switzerland as she'll play in Lausanne, isn't.

She’s very disciplined. She focuses well, she’s got all the shots. Sometimes, when I have watched her, she’s quite far behind. In that way, she’s not like me, I mean, I would like to see her being more aggressive and pushing (the issue), but she doesn’t miss, she’s like a wall so it’s hard to get through her.

It’s something that she can maybe improve in the future to take more charge and and attack when she has the chance to do it.


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