Gauff & Pegula Call For More Trash Talk In Tennis

Gauff & Pegula Call For More Trash Talk In Tennis

by Alex Waite

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Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula explained that more trash talk in professional tennis could add a new element to the game.

The American doubles pair won their second title of the 2023 season after cruising to a straight-sets victory over Leylah Fernandez and Taylor Townsend at the Miami Open.

After the victory and celebrations, Gauff quickly caught up with the NCAA women's basketball championship clash between LSU and Iowa. As the 19-year-old checked on the game's progress, a discussion with WTA Insider broke out about why tennis has less trash talk compared to other sports.

"There could be more banter here and there. So long as you don't take it personally. You see in basketball, guys go at each other and then they go out for a drink afterward. I think it would make the sport interesting. I think this is something that would bring more fans in. Pretty much every other sport has it. In college tennis they trash talk a lot."

Gauff on trash talk in tennis

Pegula was also present to add her thoughts about tennis players exchanging words over the net. The 29-year-old believes that the setup of a tennis court, stadium and the physical distance between players makes it difficult for players to engage in trash talk.

"Also in basketball, you can talk a lot of trash no one hears it. If you call someone out from across the tennis court, the whole crowd, the umpire, and Twitter is going to know. That's why when it's happened once or twice it's just such a big deal. I wish it wasn't like that."

However, the pair admitted that confrontation definitely occurs behind closed doors and away from the microphones.

Pegula admitted that the men's players more often reveal details about their heated words more than the women's players.

"The guys will tell us, 'Oh I said this to him when we changed sides.' Guys are just better at having fun with it. With the girls, it gets too personal. I don't know why. I think it would be fun."


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