'Focused And Fearless' Gauff Tipped To Lead Women's Tennis By Legend Evert

'Focused And Fearless' Gauff Tipped To Lead Women's Tennis By Legend Evert

by Nurein Ahmed

Chris Evert has praised Coco Gauff and tipped her to become "one of," if not the leader, of the women's game thanks to her humility and empathy.

Gauff is not only one of the most talented women in the circuit but also a wonderful sportsperson with a charming personality off the court. Sports go far beyond accomplishments. They can also inspire and unite people.

And for a young player like Gauff, who enjoyed a stunning debut on the big stage at Wimbledon when she was only 15, she digested those words and has since used her platform to speak out for the voiceless in matters related to social and racial inequity.

She has never shied from pursuing justice, and she thanks her grandmother for being her biggest role model and inspiration in this. It's an innate ability that is very difficult to teach.

Recently, 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert laid bare the tangible impact that Gauff has had on tennis. She may only be 20, but Gauff has touched many hearts, including that of her fellow American Evert.

The 69-year-old is currently battling a cancer recurrence and told TIME that Gauff was among the few active tennis players who got in touch with her upon sharing the news late last year. Evert referred to Gauff as a "focused" and "fearless" person who embodies all the traits of a leader.

The 20-year-old has rocketed up the rankings in the past few months and currently sits on the cusp of becoming the new World No. 2. And even with growing popularity and becoming mega-rich, she has never looked down upon her fellow competitors, something that has impressed Evert.

"When people see an athlete with her level of fame and fortune having humility and empathy for people around her and awareness of world events, it sends a clear message. She’s focused. She’s fearless. We need some leaders in the women’s game. She definitely will be one of them. If not the one."


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