Gauff Not Struggling To Find Motivation To Win More Even After Maiden Major

Gauff Not Struggling To Find Motivation To Win More Even After Maiden Major

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff finally won a major last year, and she's not struggling to find the motivation to win another one, as she hopes to do it again this year.

Winning a major title is the ultimate goal every tennis player has. They are played only four times each year, with 128 players battling for the trophy, so to get it is the ultimate achievement in the sport of tennis.

There are other big goals, but for most players growing up, this is the dream. It became a reality for Gauff last year when she capped off a tremendous US Open swing by going all the way at the major.

In the final, she faced world number one to-be Aryna Sabalenka and outlasted her in a very interesting match that went the distance. It was a dream come true for Gauff, but the hard part is only coming up.

Winning her first was hard, but winning the next one will be even harder. History has taught us that after demonstrating how many big players struggled to win the second Grand Slam after winning the first one.

We don't know whether it will happen with Gauff, but she's certainly not lacking any motivation. Speaking with TIME Magazine recently, the American admitted that she's motivated to get that second one.

"I always knew I wanted to try to win multiple Grand Slams. Sometimes people get unmotivated after winning one. That hasn’t been a personal challenge for me."

Gauff on motivation

It would be amazing if Gauff could get it done this year, but that will be tough. The Australian Open has already passed, Roland Garros is coming up, and then there will be Wimbledon and the US Open. There will be chances, but ultimately, it's on Gauff to find her best tennis when it matters most.


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