'Never Complaining About Anything': Sinner Pays Tribute To Nadal

'Never Complaining About Anything': Sinner Pays Tribute To Nadal

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner always held Rafael Nadal in very high regard and he explained just why that is during the 2024 Madrid Open.

The Italian might be the top player in the sport right now. Nadal knows this very well because he was that player for periods of time during his career. He inspired many tennis players who looked up to him, and the Italian is one of those.

The 22-year-old has always spoken fondly about Nadal and did so again in light of the Spaniard possibly playing the last time in Madrid. He's played well beating Alex de Minaur, but none of that is a guarantee that his career will last much longer, as any injury could end it. For Sinner, it's just something he aspires to be.

"First of all, Rafa has given so much to the sport, no? A different mentality, how to approach practice sessions, how to approach matches, how to come out from difficult situation, and I'm always very happy to see him. I just wish him all the best, because, you know, hopefully the body still keeps going for as long as possible. I'm sure he will do whatever it takes."

Sinner and Nadal are not similar players in terms of their profiles. Still, Nadal's work ethic and approach to matches are something many players, including Sinner, try to emulate. The fighting spirit of never giving up and working hard is a vital part of trying to be the best.

"You can see that intensity when he practices and when he plays, it’s still very high. To beat him on clay, it's one of the toughest if not the toughest challenge you have in our sport. You know, that's it."

"For me, he has always been a big inspiration, because the fighting spirit he had throughout the whole career until now and never complaining about anything, I think that's something really special."


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