Sinner Says Success Didn't Change His Behaviour After Beating Good Friend In Madrid

Sinner Says Success Didn't Change His Behaviour After Beating Good Friend In Madrid

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner has had a lot of success lately, but it hasn't really changed anything for him, as he's still the same person.

We've seen this sentiment echoed by a few players, including Carlos Alcaraz, who was adamant that success didn't change him as a person. It's not hard to believe because these are just ordinary people, even though success impacts human behaviour.

Like his young rival, Sinner is certain that nothing really changed with him. He was asked about it after beating good friend Lorenzo Sonego at the Madrid Open, and he shared his thoughts on the matter.

"Not really, at least from my side, no. Look, I haven't changed because of the success. I don't believe in these kind of things, because the way you are as a human being is much more important than all the rest, and I always try to surround myself with good people who give me something positive. I think that's for me the most important."

He did dream about succeeding because that's the benchmark for an athlete. They want to be the best and as successful as possible, but it doesn't really change the way they are.

It's just a reward for all the hard work they put into it, and Sinner sacrificed a lot to become a great tennis player. Thankfully it worked out well for him.

"Then of course I dream, I dream big, I dream to win as many titles as possible. I made a lot of sacrifices going away from home when I was 14, and this is still in my mind. I'm working hard every day to become a better player day after day, which is the main goal."

"When you work hard, when you wake up in the morning with the goal of becoming better, this is very important. The hours you put in, you have to be very focused about the work."

"But then when you finish the work, you also need people around you who are good to you, give something positive to you, and I think you have to find the right balance which I'm trying to do."


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