'Don't See Reason To Stop': Rybakina Dismisses Adelaide Withdrawal Idea After Brisbane Win

'Don't See Reason To Stop': Rybakina Dismisses Adelaide Withdrawal Idea After Brisbane Win

by Zachary Wimer

Elena Rybakina finished off her week at the 2024 Brisbane International in a strong way and she's not looking to stop as she will play the Adelaide International next week.

Elena Rybakina had a really strong week in Brisbane, which saw her ultimately win the trophy by beating Aryna Sabalenka. While some might think that she would take a week off after that triumph, Rybakina is keen on actually playing.

There are a few reasons for that but the nature of her week in Brisbane is certainly the most significant one. She played five matches in 5 consecutive days, but none of the matches were particularly taxing.

A 6-4 6-1 win in the first round, followed by a 6-1 6-0 win in the second round, followed by a win by retirement, and then the final two matches being equally impressive 6-3, 6-2, and 6-0, 6-3.

So basically, she played a lot of tennis, but it was quick and snappy tennis, which didn't really drain her all that much. That's why she explained after the match that she doesn't see a reason to stop playing, so she won't.

Yeah, the plan is to go to Adelaide because I think this week I played really well, I feel physically also good. I didn't have enough, I would say, hours which we wanted to do the week before coming here because I got sick again.

This week, as I said, was a bit unexpected, like, with the result. It was still, like, getting back to the shape, to recover from the illness.Of course, physically is important for me to feel well. I'm playing really good. I don't see the reason to stop and not to play in Adelaide.

When you read what she had to say, it makes sense to keep playing. She didn't have the best preparation during the off-season, so the more matches she gets, the better she will be in Melbourne.


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