"When I'm ready, I'm the best" - Djokovic ahead of Dubai

"When I'm ready, I'm the best" - Djokovic ahead of Dubai

by Zlatko Vodenicharov

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Novak Djokovic considers himself the best tennis player when he's fully ready and he doesn't think that's arrogant.

Novak Djokovic won his 10th Australian Open recently and it was one of the most emotional moments of his career. A long embrace with his family with plenty of tears. Djokovic explained it as a moment that came together at once.

There were a lot of things that were coming together. Obviously, pressure is always there, that’s not something new, but I felt like this year there was something more added to an already existing high level of pressure and expectations.

Djokovic on winning Australian Open

At the recently held press conference, Djokovic didn't explain his injury because he had enough of the talk of him faking an injury. He briefly addressed it in the interview ahead of the Dubai tennis event where he'll play.

“I just had enough. I really don’t have time or energy or willingness to deal with someone else’s judgment or proving something to someone. I already accepted the fact that there’s always going to be a group of people that is not going to like you, that is not going to like what you say, how you go about your tennis or anything in your private life. There’s always going to be judgement. But you grow stronger from that.

Djokovic on dealing with haters

He also finally embraced the mantle of the best admitting that he can relate to players who declare themselves the best in some sport.

Of course always balanced with the respect towards the opponent, towards the game, appreciation for the moment and for what you’re going through. But just self-belief that, hey, I know that when I’m ready, when I’m there out on the court, on any surface, against anybody, I’m better, I’m the best. “And I don’t think there’s anything arrogant or pretentious about it.

Djokovic on being the best


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