Rune Shockingly Re-Hires Mouratoglou As His Coach After Recent Splits

Rune Shockingly Re-Hires Mouratoglou As His Coach After Recent Splits

by Zachary Wimer

Holger Rune and Patrick Mouratoglou will start working together again in what was a pretty unexpected turn of events.

This is one of the more bizarre twists and turns we've seen in tennis recently. Rune first started working with Mouatoglou full-time in 2022 when Simona Halep got suspended.

It was a surprising move, but they knew each other through the Academy, and initially, it worked out really well. He coached him to his maiden ATP Masters 1000 trophy, and Rune was playing well.

Then they split for a while, and then they got back together for another period in 2023. Eventually, they would split again, and this time around, it wasn't the cleanest of splits.

There were some things said on both sides. Then Rune hired Boris Becker, and that seemed to be working really well, only for the two to split just weeks into this year. In the meantime, the Dane also hired Severin Luthi, but the two split too.

It was a pretty shocking announcement, considering how abrupt it was. Now, he's got a new coach, and it's once again Patrick Mouratoglou. Rune will certainly be hoping it's the "third time the charm."

The Danish player announced the move to Tennis Majors, a tennis news website closely tied to the French coach.

"I am excited to resume working with Patrick. With him I have achieved some of the greatest triumphs of my career so far, and I can’t wait for us to chase the next major titles together."

"Moving ahead, we have had good talks on how our collaboration should unfold, and we have agreed on a strong setup that creates the best conditions for my performance."

The Dane also added that he fully believes that Mouratoglou is the right person to guide him to Grand Slam success. Initial contacts seemed to have happened at the UTS in Oslo recently, where Rune competed.

The UTS originated from the Mouratoglou Academy during the pandemic which is why he is also one of the participants, as he also got a chance to compete at the tournament in his teenage years.

"It is common knowledge that I am determined to win Grand Slam titles and reach that number one spot on the world ranking. That requires the right coaching constellation and team surrounding me."

"Sometimes you must try a variety of things to find out what works – and what does not. In recent months, I have learned a lot about what works for me, and I believe Patrick is the best person to lead the team and help me achieve my goals."


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