Roger Federer's On releases new tennis shoes designed for clay courts

Roger Federer's On releases new tennis shoes designed for clay courts

by Zachary Wimer

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Roger Federer is making waves off the court with the latest addition to his signature sneaker line.

Swiss sneaker company On has just released the latest version of the iconic shoe, called the THE ROGER Pro Clay, which is specially designed for enhanced performance on clay courts. Federer's collaboration with On as a shareholder has been a great success since the release of 'THE ROGER' sneaker last year, which has garnered much attention and popularity.

The latest addition to the line is no exception, with tennis enthusiasts already buzzing about the new clay-court version. The design of the shoe is aimed at providing players with better traction and stability on the court.

On recently shared a video of Federer practicing on clay while wearing the new shoe, and it's clear that the Swiss maestro is impressed with the performance of his latest creation. The video shows Federer gliding effortlessly across the clay court, hitting his signature backhand with ease.

For Federer fans and sneaker enthusiasts alike, the release of the THE ROGER Pro Clay is sure to be a hot topic. The sleek design and enhanced performance capabilities of the shoe make it a must-have for any tennis player looking to take their game to the next level.


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