Roger Federer opens up about his career and how he tried to make it less boring

Roger Federer opens up about his career and how he tried to make it less boring

by Zlatko Vodenicharov

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Roger Federer spoke with CNBC talking about his long career, what he did to make it last that long and being an athlete in general.

Federer has announced his retirement from tennis after a very long career. It has been a remarkable career, and many people may even consider it to be the best of all time. Federer discussed retirement and other subjects in a recently released interview with CNBC.

It's always very interesting to see what the greatest athletes of all time ended up doing once they stopped. It's not a simple one-way road and I think it is allowed to have many bends and I think we see that often with athletes. Some of those people maybe feel that after doing the same thing for too long, it gets a bit monotone, always the same, and 'I just need a change'.

Federer on retirement

Being able to play so well at an older age is not something that is fairly common in tennis as only a few players were able to do so. Federer nearly won a grand slam at an age when most are already retired for a few years and he revealed some of the things he did to keep going.

In my case, I've tried to reinvent my training with my teams, where I train, when I train, how often I train, with whom I train, many many times to keep it interesting, because if you do it always in the same place, (it gets) too boring. So I needed to be excited and this is where you have to challenge yourself.

Federer on prolonging a career


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