Medvedev's Creative Trophy Use Earns Applause of Cincinnati Masters

Medvedev's Creative Trophy Use Earns Applause of Cincinnati Masters

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Daniil Medvedev has always been known for his unconventional approach to tennis and his approach to trophies is no different.

It seems his creativity doesn't stop on the court, as he recently revealed his unusual use of the Cincinnati Masters trophy. Instead of letting the trophy gather dust on a shelf or mantle, Medvedev has found a more practical and beautiful use for it.

He has turned the trophy into a flower vase, which he uses to display his wife's favourite flowers. Medvedev's unique approach has won the tournament's approval and admiration from fans and fellow players alike.

Medvedev's love for the Cincinnati trophy goes beyond just its use as a vase. He has included it in his top three favourite trophies, along with the US Open and his most recent Dubai Championship trophy.

"So tough to say. I would have to say US Open, for sure, just because it's a Grand Slam, not even for the trophy. It's tough to pick top three, but I'll pick Cincinnati because we use it for flowers, when I buy my wife some flowers, so that's fun."

Of course, he couldn't forget his most recent triumph, which was already his third in a row on the ATP Tour, and so he added also a trophy from the 2023 Dubai Championships to his list of favourite trophies.

"Just because I won it today, let's put this one in the top three. But actually I love all of them."

The Russian also received approval for his use of the trophy from Cincinnati, as the official Twitter profile of the tournament wrote: "We approve of trophy/vase combo."


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