"If someone laughs at me, I will answer" - Daniil Medvedev on Montreal incident

"If someone laughs at me, I will answer" - Daniil Medvedev on Montreal incident

by Drew Tate

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Daniil Medvedev had a verbal confrontation with a fan after leaving the arena in Montreal following his match against Kyrgios.

Medvedev saw himself lose to Nick Kyrgios in the Montreal Masters and while he was leaving the arena a fan yelled 'loser' to Medvedev. Daniil did not let it go and immediately turned around to confront the fan about the comments. Despite being very hard to hear what was being said, Medvedev spoke to the fan for close to a minute with the video going viral.

His first official comment on the matter came in Cincinnati at his press conference where he admitted that he'll always respond to things like that:

"It doesn't matter, after the match, during the tournament, on the street or at home – if someone laughs at me, I will answer. I came up and asked: "What's the problem? Why do you say that? Don't do that. He barely spoke English."

Medvedev was disappointed to see such things especially since it wasn't just done by an adult, but rather a kid too:

"The surrounding people asked him to apologize. But it doesn't matter. I won't let anyone shout nasty things at me, I won't keep silent and I won't pass by. His father bothered me the most. When I approached his son, he also started saying nasty things to me."

He finished off with:

"I will raise my children differently. Bring up the child, and don't say nasty things to me. In general, this was one of the first cases when I encountered this in real life. But the more famous you become, the higher the probability of such incidents"


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